Taste Test: White Cake Vodka

Hello again everyone! January is my birth month, as well as the birth month of The Lush Life! In celebration, our taste test this month is…….

Cake Flavored Vodka!


I didn’t know this, but apparently there are multiple varieties of cake flavored vodka – chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc. White cake is the classic (plus it’s my fav!), so that will be the basis of our taste test.

Competing in the taste test today, we have:

Pinnacle Cake

Will Pinnacle be….the pinnacle? Sorry, I’m done now.

Sminoff White Cake

Smirnoff White Cake

UV Cake

UV Cake

For those unfamiliar with Taste Test, <LINK> the competing spirits are poured into three tasting glasses – all appropriately labeled 1, 2, and 3 – as seen below. Aren’t they adorable?! Be sure to check out how to make your own painted glassware here (it’s SUPER easy!).

It’s a mystery to me which is which. After tasting all three, I will pick my personal favorite to be revealed to all!

I’m ready to get this party started – without further ado, let’s start with #1:

<pic of #1>

<Comments about smell, taste, smoothness etc. If I liked it>



<more comments>

<winner selection>

I know – you must be wondering, “But Anna, what drinks can you use cake flavored vodka for?” Thankfully, we’ve got you covered!

White Cake vodka is used in a wonderful shot called Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The shot can also be made as a drink for the real cake lovers!

<shot pic>

Be sure to check out our recipe for Pineapple Upside Cake Shot here<LINK>.

I will also be using cake vodka in an upcoming recipe – Vodka Cake Pops – so stay tuned! Subscribe or follow us on Facebook to get notified of any new posts.

Thank you again for joining us for Taste Test! Check out other Taste Test articles<LINK> for other head-to-head tastings of everyone’s favorite – booze!

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